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Engage to improve

ImproveWell is a digital engagement solution for improvement in healthcare.

We recognise that those on the frontline are best-placed to improve the systems around them; that giving staff a voice and empowering them to find solutions to the challenges they face is fundamental to engagement and positive experience; and that a happier workforce leads to better patient outcomes.

Our unique solution gives everyone a voice, boosting morale and facilitating collaborative change.

Comprised of a mobile app and an intelligent data dashboard, the ImproveWell solution allows organisations to harness the collective intelligence of the frontline, reduce costs, improve staff and patient experience and, ultimately, deliver better care.


Idea hub

An app-based solution to capture ideas from the frontline in real-time. Staff can quickly suggest improvement ideas, discuss and refine with managers, as well as monitor progress and implementation.

Key features

  • Dynamic central idea repository to review trends and build reports
  • In-app messaging to refine and monitor the progress of ideas
  • Latest ideas feed where colleagues can vote for ideas
  • Publish interactive reports to complete the feedback loop

Sentiment tracker

Track and boost workforce morale with real-time data, by asking your team to describe their day at work.

Key features

  • Schedule push notifications to ask “Have you had a good day?”
  • Dynamic data visualisation to detect trends and shifts
  • Team members can track their enjoyment over time through in-app charts
  • Tailor the frequency to your team(s)

Pulse surveys

Understand what matters to staff and where improvements are needed with survey software that makes creating and completing tailored surveys quick and painless.

Key features

  • Unlimited surveys with multiple answer types and features
  • Delivered in-app to frontline
  • Flash reports and charts to identify trends
  • Scheduled or instant, one-off or repeat, named or anonymous

ImproveWell Insights

Hear from expert patients, regular service users, partner organisations or harder-to-reach staff groups.

Key features:

  • Fully customisable portal enables you to collect ideas, gather questionnaire responses and/or track stakeholder sentiment
  • No login required – users access via QR code or unique weblink
  • Tailor portals for individual groups and gather data simultaneously
  • Instant, anonymous insight straight to your dashboard
ImproveWell Insights


The ImproveWell data dashboard ensures that programme leads can quickly move from feedback to insight and action.

Key features:

  • Real-time results: live, confidential feedback from employees 24/7
  • Dynamic data visualisation: beautifully-designed web dashboards for programme or organisational leads to detect trends, shifts or cycles
  • Customisation: organise data across grades, specialties, themes and sites, highlighting “hot spots”. Export complete data sets or specific reports as required
  • Reporting: publish regular reports to staff and management to close the feedback loop
  • Observer logins: view-only login dashboard capabilities, to monitor projects

Other key features to help you flex and scale

  • Easy to use: simple concept with great UX ensuring maximum adoption.
  • Multi-platform and multi-language: Android, iOS and web browsers, and offline mode so users can contribute wherever they are. Set-up the platform and app in the language of your choice
  • Unlimited projects and tailored objectives: run multiple projects, tailored to local or specific team themes and objectives to focus results, whilst at the same time building an organisational view.
  • Multi-account: participate in cross-organisational ImproveWell programmes to harness collective intelligence, share best practice and supercharge rapid learning.

Your partner in onboarding and support

You’re never alone. Our dedicated team is at hand, no matter what stage of your continuous improvement journey. Your bespoke onboarding programme will include: tailored deployment materials and internal marketing, initial weekly reporting, and monthly training, presentations and talks for your teams. In addition, the 24/7 ticketing system gives you constant access to technical support and, quarterly reporting and annual reviews ensure your ImproveWell journey is continuously refined.

Start your ImproveWell journey today

With tools to help make engagement and continuous improvement part of the fabric of your healthcare organisation, and a support team excited to help you, engaging the frontline to drive change has never been more achievable.

See the impact ImproveWell could have in your organisation

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