The award-winning solution for continuous improvement in health and care

Giving everyone a voice, ImproveWell makes it simple for organisations to capture continuous, real-time insight from the frontline to improve staff experience and the quality of patient care.

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Everything you need to drive change, together

ImproveWell empowers teams and organisations to gather continuous insight from the frontline.
Discover what needs to change – and ideas for improvement – from those closest to the challenges.

Idea hub

Gather ideas for improvement, discuss or refine collaboratively, and keep everyone updated with progress and implementation.

Pulse surveys

Understand what matters and see where improvements are needed with swift and straightforward survey creation. 

Sentiment tracker

Track and boost workforce morale and wellbeing with real-time data, by asking your team how their workday is going.


Data dashboards

Detect trends or pressure points;  enable data-driven decisions;  measure change; and publish reports to close the feedback loop. 


Creating the right environment for wellbeing at work and continuous improvement, ImproveWell delivers:

Improved staff experience

A happier, more motivated workforce reduces sickness absence and staff turnover.

Quality improvement

Frontline innovation and insight improve patient care and outcomes whilst also reducing errors.

Operational efficiencies

Optimal use of scarce resources increases throughput; reduces duplication; and streamlines time per activity.

Cost improvements

Improved financial performance with less spend on agency staff; reduced costs; and cost avoidance.

British Journal of Healthcare Management - Quality improvement in practice—part two: applying the joy in work framework to healthcare

British Journal of Healthcare Management - Increasing joy in work in UK healthcare teams: a national quality improvement collaborative

Delivering our promise to our staff - engage, empower and retain
A white paper on workforce retention

“Two years ago we were haemorrhaging staff, people didn’t want to work here… but in the last 12 months, we haven’t lost a staff member. Recruitment has been successful. There’s a change in how others perceive our team. It’s a place where people want to come to work.”

Leigh FerrisLeigh FerrisDeputy Charge Nurse, Rosebrook Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit, Southern Health and Social Care Trust

“There is no other option for me. It’s a really great design, very simple app, and super service from the team. We’ve been so pleased to use it and will keep on using it.”

Dr Amar ShahDr Amar ShahChief Quality Officer at East London NHS Foundation Trust

“We wanted to create one team; to provide a way for staff voices to be heard; and to recognise and reward Quality Improvement ideas. We wanted to empower our staff, and we wanted them to feel that they have the option of speaking up no matter what their role. ImproveWell has helped us achieve all this.”

Claire EagletonClaire EagletonDeputy Director of Midwifery at Shrewsbury & Telford Hospital NHS Trust

“It’s not just an app – it’s more than that. Working with the team at ImproveWell has felt really synergistic – all parts integrate really well. We really do think of ImproveWell as partners.”

Dr Dominique AllwoodDr Dominique AllwoodMedical Director at the NHS Nightingale Hospital London

“ImproveWell is more than a platform for ideas. It makes staff feel valued and the benefits are seen directly on the shop floor. Staff do have the solution to the problem – they just never felt their voice would be worth listening to.”

Zoe NelsonZoe NelsonLead Transformation Midwife, Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust

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