Engaging to Improve at NHS Nightingale Hospital London and Beyond

Join Dr Dominique Allwood and Lara Mott at IHI Forum 2021 as they explore the multi-faceted learning system for improvement adopted at the NHS Nightingale Hospital London. 


Dr Allwood will discuss the real-time feedback tools used; the novel role of the Bedside Learning Coordinator; and how data sources were categorized into fix, improve, change to triage problems and ideas and implement change.


Lara Mott will share practical ideas for engaging staff in change and insight into how the ImproveWell solution - used at the Nightingale Hospital - has been adopted in four different healthcare settings to support the IHI Framework for Joy in Work. 


Closing the Loop: A Learning System for Improvement at NHS Nightingale Hospital London and Beyond

IHI Forum - Session B10
Tuesday 7 December 2021
1-2pm EST | 10-11am PT | 6-7pm GMT | 7-8pm CET

What you'll learn

Understand the learning and insight-gathering mechanisms adopted at London's COVID-19 surge facility

Assess a multi-faceted approach to moving from data and insight to quality improvement and change

Identify practical new ideas for driving continuous frontline feedback and engagement in change

Dr Dominique Allwood

Director of Improvement and Partnerships, UCLPartners
Associate Medical Director, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

Lara Mott

CEO & Co-Founder, ImproveWell
BMJ's first "Entrepreneur in Residence"
2017 Rising Star amongst top 50 female leaders in UK healthcare

Discover more about ImproveWell

A digital solution to support implementation of the IHI Framework for Joy in Work, ImproveWell gives everyone a voice, making it simple for organizations to capture continuous, real-time insight from the frontline to improve staff experience and the quality of patient care. 

Speak to an advisor to find out how the ImproveWell solution can support your organization

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How it works


Track and boost workforce morale and wellbeing with real-time data, by asking your team how their workday is going.



Gather ideas for improvement, discuss or refine collaboratively, and keep everyone up to date with progress and implementation.


Understand what matters and see where improvements are needed with swift and straightforward survey creation. 


Capture real-time feedback from patients or partner organisations via customizable online portals.


Detect trends and pressure points, prioritise improvement efforts, measure change and publish reports to close the feedback loop. 

Applying the IHI Framework for Joy in Work using ImproveWell

A peer-reviewed article featuring case studies from four ImproveWell partner organizations was published in the British Journal of Healthcare Management in September 2021. 


Highlighting short-, medium- and long-term programs using the ImproveWell solution to support implementation of the IHI Framework for Improving Joy in Work, the case studies demonstrate:


  • - the effective application of quality improvement to create and enhance joy in work in four different healthcare systems;
  • - the benefits of involving staff in the process of understanding factors that impact on experience at work, as well as developing and testing creative ideas that can make a difference; and
  • - how utilizing a digital solution to capture ideas and measure staff experience is an important means of engaging staff and enabling all to contribute towards a shared goal.

ImproveWell customers & partners

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