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How do you build a start-up around change? And why would you start a tech company without prior tech experience? Because helping the NHS to improve is a mission ImproveWell’s co-founders live and breathe. And because anything is possible.

Na’eem Ahmed is a consultant radiologist in London and Lara Mott studied pharmacology at university, and has a background in biotech and healthcare investment. They went to the same school in Kingston upon Thames, London, and met up after 12 years when Na’eem asked Lara to help on a charity project. At the same time he was thinking about ways to to capture feedback from junior doctors via an app. That was four years ago. There have been plenty of ups and downs since, but surrounding themselves with a great team has been vital.

Na’eem’s frontline role in the NHS gives him the perfect chance to hone the app to respond to everyday challenges on the wards. ‘That perspective is one of the things that keeps us fresh and relevant,’ he says. Breaking down communication barriers to make change in real-time has excited customers, practitioners and the people working with them. This introduction is just the start of a story that seeks to inspire others. There’s much more to come…

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