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Engage to improve

Improve staff experience

Improve Quality

Improve patient care

The ImproveWell Platform

ImproveWell is an award-winning, real-time feedback solution for improvement in healthcare. Giving everyone a voice, ImproveWell enables organisations to capture continuous insight to improve staff experience and the quality of patient care.

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Drive change, collectively

A digital solution that captures real-time feedback from the frontline, to power your improvement and engagement goals – for your team and healthcare organisation.

  • Give everyone a voice
  • Gather instant feedback & learning 24/7
  • Create a funnel of improvement ideas
  • Empower local leadership
  • Cross-collaborate
  • Drive data-driven decisions

How it works

ImproveWell's feedback solutions give everyone a voice 24/7, empowering the frontline to drive change. An intelligent data dashboard provides real-time insight and analysis for leads to make data-driven decisions.

Idea hub

Gather ideas for improvement, discuss or refine collaboratively, and keep everyone up to date with progress and implementation.

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Sentiment tracker

Boost morale and wellbeing at work with real-time insights, by asking colleagues how their workday is going.

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Pulse surveys

Understand what matters and see where improvements are needed with swift and straightforward survey creation.

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Data dashboard

Access real-time feedback via the intelligent dashboard where project group and organisational leads can detect trends and pressure points, prioritise improvement efforts, measure change and publish reports to close the feedback loop.

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ImproveWell Insights

ImproveWell Insights

Capture real-time feedback from expert patients, regular service users or partner organisations via customisable online portals.

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For healthcare, by healthcare

The ImproveWell solution has been developed in conjunction with leading healthcare organisations: initially launched with Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, and later pioneered by East London NHS Foundation Trust. The tool is evidence-based, building on learnings from the Keogh Review, Berwick Report and the IHI Framework for Improving Joy in Work, and incorporates features developed alongside over 20 NHS customers. In 2021, a peer-reviewed paper featuring case studies from four ImproveWell partner organisations was published in the British Journal of Healthcare Management.

“The advent of apps like ImproveWell provide the opportunity to have direct and meaningful conversation with those people who control the design and operation of an organisation.”

Professor Sir Bruce Keogh, former National Medical Director, NHS England

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