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Stakeholder Insights

for health and care

Capture anonymous real-time feedback from expert patients, regular service users or partner organisations with the stakeholder insights solution for health and care.

improvewell insights

Engage everyone in improvement

Engage people from all areas of the organisation – including remote staff, service users, partner organisations and expert patients – to tackle known challenges and discover unknown challenges.

Direct-access portal

Direct access via QR-code or web link enables participants to feedback instantly. No sign up required.


Fully customisable

Pulse surveys, sentiment analysis, idea capture: include one or all three ImproveWell feedback mechanisms in your customisable portal.


A single data dashboard for all insight and learning

Data from Insights is fed directly into your data dashboard, where leads can organise and analyse as required, ensuring decisions and actions for improvements are data-driven and include diverse perspectives.

Promote a culture of collaboration and inclusion

Foster participatory, collaborative change and inclusivity with an always-on mechanism for feedback and two-way communication. Break down barriers and champion multi-disciplinary alliance.

Discover the award-winning stakeholder insight solution for the NHS, health and care.

Tower Hamlets CCG
East London Foundation Trust
Barney, Enfield and Haringey
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“ImproveWell is more than a platform for ideas. It makes staff feel valued and the benefits are seen directly on shop floor. Staff do have the solution to the problem – they just never felt their voice would be worth listening to.”
Zoe Nelson
Lead Transformation Midwife, Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust
“It’s not just an app – it’s more than that. Working with the team at ImproveWell has felt really synergistic – all parts integrate really well. We really do think of ImproveWell as partners.”
Dr Dominique Allwood
Medical Director at the NHS Nightingale Hospital London
“There is no other option for me, and it’s a really great design, very simple app, and super service from the team so that’s why we’ve been so pleased to use it and will keep on using it.”
Dr Amar Shah
Chief Quality Officer at East London NHS Foundation Trust
“We wanted to create one team; to provide a way for staff voices to be heard; and to recognise and reward Quality Improvement ideas. We wanted to empower our staff, and we wanted them to feel that they have the option of speaking up no matter what their role. ImproveWell has helped us achieve all this.”
Claire Eagleton
Deputy Director of Midwifery at Shrewsbury & Telford Hospital NHS Trust
“Two years ago we were haemorrhaging staff, people didn’t want to work here… but in the last 12 months, we haven’t lost a staff member. Recruitment has been successful. There’s a change in how others perceive our team. It’s a place where people want to come to work.”
Leigh Ferris
Senior Staff Nurse at Rosebrook Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit,
Southern Health and Social Care Trust
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Other Features




Gather ideas for improvement, discuss or refine collaborately, and keep everyone up to date with progress and implementation.





Track and boost workforce morale and wellbeing with real-time data, by asking your team how their workday is going.






data dashboard



Detect trends or pressure points; enable data-driven decisions; measure change; and publish reports to close the feedback loop.


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