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This time, co-founders Dr Na’eem Ahmed and Lara Mott talk to the hugely charismatic and inspiring Gerard Harkin – Head of Innovation at Roche Diagnostics Ltd – about all things innovation and keeping the passion alive.

What’s the worst thing that can happen? That’s the attitude Gerard believes we all need to embrace when we think about problem solving. We all make mistakes and sometimes sticking your neck out is the only way to implement change. Find out:

  • Why innovation isn’t just about tech
  • How to embrace change at scale
  • Why experimentation and not fearing failure need to be in a company’s DNA
  • How igniting a passion for potential should run from top to bottom
  • Why you need to question your assumptions and back up everything with evidence
  • How giving everyone permission to try things out is game-changing
  • Why hierarchy can impede organisations
  • Whether seniority of role should be the deciding factor in who leads
  • And where diversity and inclusion fits into the picture

Fundamentally, it’s about giving everyone permission to try new things but also about highlighting the successes. Keeping your teams’ eyes shining with a real love of possibility is crucial. It’s a cultural thing.

Show notes:

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