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24 April 2024

ImproveWell’s CEO, Lara Mott, has been included in this year’s In Vivo’s Rising Leaders list, which recognises entrepreneurs and innovators from across the world who represent the next wave of creativity in healthcare. 

The list focuses on achievements, talent, creativity and strong leadership qualities, and profiles 30 people who have made a positive mark in healthcare in these categories. 

Lara was interviewed by Citeline as part of the Rising Leaders initiative, where she explained ImproveWell “gives staff a voice. At its heart, ImproveWell captures improvement ideas which we call ‘everyday innovation’. Our USP is that we’ve been designed by the NHS for the NHS. But we also have around two dozen facilities in the US using the software.” 

When asked about her career move from corporate roles in biotech to start-up CEO, Lara said: “I feel like I’ve found myself in the right place, but I could not have predicted how that would have come about. I’m a different person to who I was in previous decades. I have always been high energy and passionate, but back then, I did not have enormous teams and was not required to do completely new things.” 

ImproveWell has been used by more than 70 NHS organisations and healthcare organisations in the US. Describing her future ambitions for ImproveWell driving quality improvements globally, Lara said: “Nobody trains to deliver poor-quality care. We want this to be in the hands of as many frontline staff as possible throughout the world.”

Read the full interview here: (behind paywall)



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About ImproveWell
Founded in 2016, ImproveWell is a real-time feedback solution for continuous improvement and everyday innovation in health and care. Based in London, its team of 16 operates in healthcare in the UK and overseas, helping organisations improve staff experience and quality of patient care. Its innovative framework empowers frontline workers to drive change, targeting problems like burnout and staff retention. ImproveWell uses a holistic, proactive approach to quality improvement, giving a voice to everyone in healthcare improvement. The company continues to be nominated for prestigious awards, such as the Nursing Time’s Workforce Summit’s 2023 Retention Shortlist and ‘HSJ’s ‘Workforce and Wellbeing Initiative of the Year’, while also winning at the likes of HTN’s Health Tech Awards. Website | LinkedIn | Twitter

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