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This time, co-founders Dr Na’eem Ahmed and Lara Mott talk to Dr Peter Carter, OBE – mental health expert and the former Chief Executive of the Royal College of Nursing – about great leadership in global healthcare.

Having worked in 32 different locations across the world – remotely and on the ground – Dr Carter is uniquely placed to identify what really works, wherever you’re based. And he believes that it comes down to a very simple principle. Every single person, clinical or non-clinical, contributes to patient experience. Everybody is important. Staff want to be able to contribute, to feel valued and, ultimately, to be respected. 

We discuss the best ways to support frontline staff in the ongoing pandemic and how small shifts really can create waves. Showing empathy to employees, developing a no-blame culture and allowing recovery time – however over-stretched staffing is – are crucial for the future. As is taking the good things we’ve adopted with us (‘It took a crisis to get people to use video conferencing,’ Peter marvels). Discover some of the stand-out experiences Peter has had through his long and distinguished career. Find out why chief execs shouldn’t start sweeping with their new broom from day one, and why multidisciplinary is the watchword of the day…

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