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In this fascinating episode, Lara and Na’eem are joined by two innovators at the forefront of developing a pioneering way to measure human performance at work.

Jon Pitts is the founder and chief technical officer of IHP Analytics. As a neuropsychologist with extensive experience in elite human performance, he has attended five Olympic Games and worked in Formula 1 and with the military. Rob McCargow is Director of Artificial Intelligence at PwC and an evangelist for the responsible adoption of AI and advanced analytics. Together, they’ve been working on a novel project to create work-life analytics to support PwC’s wellbeing strategy.

This first model, which can generate a score for an individual’s wellbeing, has evolved through extensive data monitoring and analysis. As we start to imagine a ‘normal’ future, everything is up for grabs. To that end, PwC has a new approach to empowered flexibility, where staff have full freedom to work where and when they want. Helping staff to reach their potential also benefits the business as well as the individual, which is why this is just the beginning…

Among the many complex topics covered, we consider:

  • The importance of strong foundations to support a new technological approach
  • Why we need to help humans keep up with significant changes
  • How communication makes a difference
  • The benefits of sharing personal data, for staff and employers alike
  • Responsibility when evaluating intelligent data insights

Plus, discover the difference between subjective and objective data, why stress is a good thing, and how you can use your personal data to your own advantage.

And get some ‘Small but Mighty’ thoughts we could all do with implementing.

Show notes:

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