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It is well documented that staff engagement is crucial in improving CQC ratings. A review of CQC reports between 2012 and 2016 found a clear link between high employee engagement scores and higher CQC ratings. And in November 2023 the CQC started rolling out its new single assessment framework and introduced six new evidence categories. Three of these six categories rely on feedback:

  1. People’s experience of health and care services
  2. Feedback from staff and leaders
  3. Feedback from partners

Moreover, the other categories require not just a snapshot of sentiment or engagement, but a focus on continuous improvement. Frontline staff often have the best ideas for improvements based on their experience of the challenges faced, which are constantly changing, so organisations must show evidence they are improving observations, processes and outcomes on an ongoing basis.

The ImproveWell solution can be set up in a bespoke way to suit the needs of a team or service, capturing feedback and ideas at any time of day, and tracking on-going sentiment. This will allow a service to provide more robust evidence to the CQC for their new categories that are based on feedback and demonstrate that they have used ideas from staff to improve outcomes and processes.

Download the steps on How to improve your CQC rating


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