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A positive workforce experience is essential for creating a healthy, supportive, and efficient healthcare environment and prioritising the well-being and satisfaction of healthcare professionals is not only ethical but also a strategic investment in delivering high-quality healthcare services. A happier workforce leads to improved performance, lower absenteeism, few patient safety incidents, and improved recruitment and retention. 

However, addressing staff experience and organisational culture is no small task. If we give staff a voice, support them to suggest improvements to the daily challenges they face and involve them in decision making, we can create a ripple effect; improving staff experience, improving quality and improving outcomes.

ImproveWell makes it simple for organisations to capture continuous, real-time insight to improve staff experience. The ImproveWell solution helps organisations to build the foundations for positive workforce experience by supporting the core work needs of autonomy, belonging, contribution and fostering a culture that enables staff at all levels to feel heard and be involved in designing better teams, workplaces and care. 


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