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This time, co-founders Dr Na’eem Ahmed and Lara Mott talk to hat-juggling Dr Dominique Allwood, who is Deputy Director of Strategy and Improvement at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, and Assistant Director of Improvement at The Health Foundation. She was recently seconded to the NHS Nightingale Hospital, London where she was Medical Director for Nightingale Two.

From her journey into clinical leadership, through to the role that healthcare professionals and their organisations can play in improving people’s health in a broader social sense, we talk careers, improvement and more. Hear Dominique’s thoughts on:

  • Challenging bias, mentoring and forging a hybrid career path in healthcare
  • Maintaining optimism ten years on from the Marmot review – considering what you can influence here and now
  • The difference between biology and biography in terms of health outcomes
  • Helping and anchor institutions add social value without it becoming a box-ticking exercise
  • Making equity issues visible and allowing a safe space in which to discuss them
  • Integration with social care and really understanding an individual’s healthcare journey
  • How tech can help us notice and respond
  • Why we need to get better at gathering insight and nuance to build a culture of compassion.

Plus, a Small but Mighty solution to the many challenges of working with PPE – for staff and patients.

Show notes:

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