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Large institutions often find it difficult to react quickly. But there’s been a sea-change since the pandemic, not just in the way we think about how we work but in who should be involved in shaping the workplace. 

Learning systems, whereby continuous improvement is embedded into the very fabric of a team, department or organisation is the future of healthcare. 

Through their implementation of ImproveWell one organisation that has been doing just this is the Burn Unit at Chelsea and Westminster Foundation Trust where they have implemented a Bedside Learning Co-ordinator (BLC) role to capture staff insights and feedback to improve patient care, workplace efficiency and staff well-being.

Since the implementation of this role the percentage of staff feeling comfortable sharing ideas increased from 57% to 91%, while those who felt their ideas were heard rose from 57% to 72%. But it’s not just about boosting staff morale. With 74 improvement ideas submitted in the first eight months, potential financial savings of up to £143,930 and time savings of up to £20,128 have been identified. Approximately 55% of these ideas have already been implemented, including an idea related to stock checking and standard operating procedures that could save some £50,489 per year.

The ImproveWell solution can be used to support the creation of a learning system, by ensuring that daily frontline feedback is used to incrementally improve operations and service delivery, making tomorrow better. Discover how your organisation could adopt a similar approach.

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