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Promoting equality, diversity and inclusion amongst health care workers is essential in delivering high-quality, patient-centred care and in facilitating a happy workforce. 

Having an inclusive and diverse workforce ensures that healthcare providers understand and can address the unique needs of a diverse patient population. This contributes to more effective and patient-centered care and ultimately reduce health disparities. But this isn’t all, a more diverse workforce has also been shown to be more dynamic, engaged, innovative and better problem solvers as well as a workforce with higher satisfaction rates. 

ImproveWell democratises quality improvement by giving all staff, regardless of role or background, a voice. It breaks down communication barriers and empowers the workforce to improve from the ground up. It also promotes inclusion, gathering insights from staff as well as other key stakeholders such as expert patients, regular service users or partner organisations.

Providing a vehicle for 24/7 feedback from the ground up provides a more accurate picture of challenges faced by the frontline, as well as the communities that they serve, ensuring decisions and actions for improvements are data driven and include diverse perspective.

Download the steps on How to foster equality, diversity and inclusion


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